My blanket – version 2

When I was first learning to knit, I made a blanket. It was the second or third thing I started and it was a little dysfunctional. The full story of version 1 can be found here, but the short version is I ended up with a ‘blanket’ that was 2.10m x 0.85m.


My original plan had been to add borders but I’d used lovely merino wool (and lots of it) for the middle and in my searches for something compatible I hadn’t found anything as nice but cheaper (perhaps not a suprise). I didn’t want to compromise but couldn’t face spending potentially hundreds of pounds to make an overly large blanket. So I sat and thought about it for over a year.

Then on a wander round the internet I saw a tutorial for knitting squares from the middle out, and I knew I had found a vaguely more sensible idea, so I began unraveling the blanket.

At the beginning

Instead of just following the tutorial, I decided I wanted to make a rectangle not a square so cast on enough stitches to give me a 2 x 3 rectangle. However as you increase all sides by the same amount, you lose the rectangle pretty quickly because who can tell the difference when the sides are 150 x 151 sides. I should have gone back once I realised this at the beginning but I’m a little stubborn and too quick to rush into things. I think this might be why the final blanket tents a little.

With 4 circular needles

I started on a long circular needle but quickly had to swap to using multiple circular needles like double pointed needles. Ive now ended up with 5 6.5mm circular needles, so I am set if I ever want to make another. I am a much quicker knitter now than when I started the first blanket and I was knitting it over Christmas and new year so there was a lot of in front of the tve knitting time, and it went together very quickly.

When I originally chose the wool, I’d planned on having a light purple center and dark borders, and had bought two balls of the darker colour. So when it came to thinking about casting off I thought about using up those balls. I found this useful comparison of cast offs a while ago and was drawn to the picot cast off. I decided to go for it and I really like the end effect.

Picot edges

The finished blanket could really do with being blocked to help with the tenting and rolling of the edges, but my flat isn’t big enough so it will have to wait. I may have had to make it twice but it is a lovely blanket for curling up under.

The finished blanket


February 2018

February suprised me this year. However January has been a good month. I went to a local beading group and despite the tricky journey, I had a lovely morning and will be doing my best to go again. ¬†Crafting wise it has been mixed, in some areas I’ve been productive and others have stagnated. I also took some time in January to review my longer term projects, so the list looks a little different.

Here goes:

  1. Quilt – suprise, suprise no change
  2. Beaded purse – no change
  3. Epp stars – I’ve made ~12, bought more fabric, picked a design, cut out another 12 and some of the background pieces.
  4. Beaded business case – on pause for a minute
  5. Bead crochet – one I’ve started and the other I bought hardware but haven’t put it together
  6. Necklace – again I’ve bought hardware and not put it together
  7. Lapis lazuli necklace – I splashed out on some gems when I left the beadshop in 2016 and finally got round to making something. Guess what – needs hardware
  8. Chenille rope – I started this at my beadgroup and it is a fun stitch

I’ve only got one finish in January, but it is a big one.

The purple blanket.

Its not perfect but very cosy and so much better than last time. I’ll tell you about it soon.

I have the potential to finish several things in Feb but who knows what will happen.

For my feature image, it is snowdrops. They come out earlier down here than back home, but even though they suprised me, I still went and rung one.