March 2018

I’m watching it snow so it is pretty hard to believe it is March. Fortunately I’m not too badly affected by the snow yet, but I have not been enjoying the minus temperatures.

I had a busy February but also managed to get a craft weekend in, where I got my jewellery hardware out, so quite a few finishes and then a few new things added.

  1. Quilt – suprise, suprise no change
  2. Beaded purse – no change
  3. Epp stars – I’ve got all back ground hexagons cut and basted. 6 stars with hexagons attached. Another ~15stars made and ~12 cut out and basted.
  4. Beaded business case – on pause for a minute
  5. Bead crochet – I took this to my beading group and added another inch.
  6. Mini hoop – im taking part in a swap and am doing some bead embroidery
  7. Jumper – I got bought a kit from wool and the gang for my birthday and have started the first panel.

For finishes I have

  1. Lapis lazuli necklace
  2. Bead crochet necklace
  3. Chenille rope necklace
  4. Ring necklace
  5. Dishcloth
  6. An embroidered repair of a jumper

I dont think I’ll have that many finishes next month. Im doing some travelling so hoping to get plenty of my epp done, as long as I get some prep done beforehand.

My featured image is the vase I recieved for my birthday with some valentines flowers. Can’t get more February than that.