Pretty fixes

I am an avid user of instagram (you could say addicted but hey) and I have been seeing some beautiful repairs of clothes, especially the ones done by hunterhammerstein.

Because of recent changes in my life, the majority of my wardrobe is fairly recent and therefore there are fairly few repairs that need to be made. So I’ve been keeping an eye out for something with a hole in it (that was worth fixing). And then I found it, one of my plain jumpers had a snag in the body. I gathered it up and spent some time deciding on colours, in the end I went for quite a bright colour scheme but based off the wrong cross stitch scheme.

I then put the selection away because I had quite a lot of crafty stuff and life wise going on just before Christmas. However after Christmas I had a few days back at my place and I spent most of the time crafting in piece.

I began with the hole and went around it in a binding stitch. This made it quite a bit bigger but hopefully has stabilised it. I then embroidered the flowers around it. I started with the big red one, this is the one I’m least happy with. However it looks fine especially surrounded by the others. They were all trial and error stitches and the fairly open knit of the jumper made it pretty tricky to find stitches that worked well.


I’ve since worn and washed the jumper, and all the stitches are still in place. I like the overall effect, it is pretty but not too over stated.

Let’s see if any more holes turn up.



April 2018

Despite it being easter here, it really doesn’t feel very spring like, its still very cold and damp. Hopefully April will bring some spring weather.

March felt hectic with work and travel so I haven’t done much crafting. I’m also feeling like starting something new soon so keep an eye out next month.

  1. Quilt – no change
  2. Beaded purse – no change
  3. Peyote card case – no change
  4. Beaded handbag – no change
  5. Bead crochet – a little bit of growth
  6. Jumper – the sizing wasn’t right so I started the first panel again
  7. Epp stars – I’ve got 42 stars cut and basted of which I have about 10 left to piece. I’ve added hexagons to the ones I’ve made and am now adding them as I go. I took this project with me while travelling so I’m feeling productive with it. I might start joining bits while at home and doing the small bits on the move.
  8. Pottery – I took this up recently and have several bits that need painting and glazing

Finishes this month are:

  1. My mini hoop – it is ready to be posted and I will write it up when its been received
  2. Some cards – I had a day off so got out my supplies
  3. My butterfly cross stitch – technically this requires some finishing but she has flown round the world with me and I added the last stitch on my way back from this trip. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with her

This months feature image is from the summer palace in Beijing. I had a lovely two weeks in China this month, working and sightseeing. It was a fascinating country and I barely saw any of it. It is definitely one of those places where you can really feel how quickly we are developing.