Mini hoop

I always enjoy taking part in the swaps that Ali of veryberryhandmade organises. They are a wonderful way to try something new and help me feel connected to the community.

My mini hoop

This swap was of mini hoops, and was primarily instagram based. The hoops have to be between 5.5 and 4 cm in diameter but after that it is upto you.

My partner gave me some great tips for what she wanted, including somethings she didn’t want. I find this really helpful and have been carefully editing my own version with each swap I do, however it is still quite vague.

I knew I wanted to try beading for this swap and as my partner said she liked a bit of sparkle, I felt ok to go ahead with it. She had also mentioned a colour scheme of green and purple so I decide to go with that. I searched my fabric stash for a background but what I actually found was a scarf that I had shrunk which contained a beautiful colour scheme of green, purple along with some yellow, teal and brown, that really inspired me.

I then went through my bead stash to find things of appropriate colours. I wanted various sizes, shapes and textures so I could really play. I also included some sequins as I had been inspired by the work of defiantembroidery on instagram.

I actually found more beads that I used but, I wanted to let the textures play so narrowed down the quantity and unincluded some that were just the wrong scale.

After that I just played. I tried to repeat some of the techniques or colour combinations in different areas as I find this helps to keep some continuity.


I really enjoyed coming up with ideas, and seeing what they looked like. I find it quite freeing.


I’m very pleased with the end result, I think it is pretty well balanced colour and texture wise. Hopefully my partner likes it as much as I do.

In return I received this beautiful hoop from @mudpiesandpins.



May 2018

This one has snuck up on me. April has been an interesting month, it feels like I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and I was a bit unwell.

I’ve mostly been doing my English paper piecing and unlike predicted I haven’t started anything new. Lets see what happens in May.

  1. Quilt – no change
  2. Beaded purse – no change
  3. Peyote card case – no change
  4. Beaded handbag – no change
  5. Beaded crochet – this has grown quite a bit
  6. Jumper – no change
  7. Epp stars – I’ve joined up stars for the top section. Each section is 3 rows and is made up of 32 stars. I’ve sewn the stars into groups of 4 or 5.  I’ve also got started with the bottom section, and am getting along with it.

For finishes its been a bit scarce

  1. Pottery – all the pieces I’ve made so far are glazed and some of them are home. I will talk about the process soon.

I also need to tell you about my mini hoop and the one I received.