Pots and bits

So as you know I’ve taken up pottery. I have a very long list of things I’d like to try (weaving, spinning, glass blowing, woodcarving are some of the others), and so when some friends mentioned, a local drop in pottery class, I was pretty excited.

The class is held at eastcott studios. The classes are informal drop in sessions, with advice and tutelage provided by Jo. I end up going about every other week, as this works with my work schedule. Fortunately due to all the time needed for drying and firing over the stages, this works quite well.

The sessions only cover handbuilding. I will one day try out the wheel but that requires booking and therefore some organisation from me.

Over the last three months I have tried slab-building, pinching and coiling. My favourite so far is slab-building but I’m trying to be open minded and keep trying the other techniques out.

The first things I bought home: laceprinted pot, flower and diva

Slab building involves rolling out slabs of clay and using something as a template to build a structure. While rolling the clay you can imprint it, with lace or stamps. I’ve used this technique to make a laceprinted pot, stamped mug and a shallow dish, a pendant and some ring dishes.

My plant trays and the flower

Pinching is where you take a ball of clay and pinch it into the desired shape. This is fun but I found it really hard to get a smooth final product. I have used this technique to make a 2 plant drip trays, a diva, a flower trinket and a small elephant statuette.

Coiling involves creating coils or strips which are then joined together to build a shape. I found this tricky to keep making the shape I wanted desired as when you join it together it squished the shape out of sorts. I used this to make a vase and a teaspoon dish.

Not all of those projects are finished. I have also been glazing projects. Mostly I’ve kept it fairly simple, but I did have a go at bubble painting the small vase.


I have some ideas for future projects. I want to make some more divas, ring dishes and plant pots and drip trays. I might have another go at a mug (my current one is huge). I’ve also seen some beautiful things in the pottery studio and get new ideas every time I go.




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