July 2018

Woo, I’m on time this month. Its been an odd month craftingwise. I’ve done a lot of prep for epp and pottery but nothing else, so it isn’t particularly photogenic. I finally posted about pottery as well, so that’s something.

  1. Quilt – no change
  2. Beaded purse – no change
  3. Peyote card case – no change
  4. Beaded handbag – no change
  5. Beaded crochet – this has grown a bit
  6. Jumper – no change
  7. Epp stars – I’ve made 14 panels and edged them all, so that’s 2/7 rows. I’ve made 3 more panels, and prepped pieces for 7 more panels. I’ve also cut about enough for another panel. I also figured out I can sew in the car, hence the prepping.
  8. Beaded ornament made from daisy chains – no change
  9. Beaded chain mail necklace – no change

My pottery list is like this:

  1. Cactus ring dish – needs glazing
  2. Stamen ring dish – needs glazing
  3. Shallow bird dish – needs glazing
  4. Mug – needs glazing

My finishes are all pottery based

  1. An elephant statuette
  2. A decorative bowl

All of my craft stuff is packed as we are moving and traveling in July, so I’ll either get nothing done or lots for a little while. Lets see

My featured image is from the hotel we stayed in, in the lake district. Its a pretty cute way of not throwing away old walking boots.