Secret beadalong 2018

During the 2018 international beading week (28th July – 5th Aug) I participated in Jean Power’s secret bead along.

The international beading week is sponsored by the beadworks guild and there are normally quite a lot of events going on aswell as some fab free patterns from some great designers.

I’ve been watching both the summer beadalong and the Christmas beadalong for a few years (since I got instagram), and have been intrigued. This year I felt I had the time and also the finances to be able to buy both the pattern and  kit from spellbound beads.

I used a kit as I didn’t have quite a lot of the beads needed and it made it less intimidating. I chose the orange kit, which was mostly gold. I swapped out the highlight colour delicas, the original was basically yellow and didn’t go with the gold of the other beads. I picked an orangy gold from my stash instead.

For the beadalong, there is some prep work to do, then some beading each day during the week. I managed to do about 80% of the prep work before the beadalong started on the Saturday.

Day 1 and 2

I didn’t actually do any beading on day 1 as I was out of the house all day but on the Sunday, I completed the prep work and day 1 and 2.

Day 3

During the week, I did day 3 and 4’s beading in the monday and then stopped.

Day 4

I had a really busy week that week, with some evening activities and a trip away so I did as much as I could but wasn’t putting any pressure on myself to keep up.

Day 5 and 6

I then completed the rest of the beading the following week.

Completed pieces

I didn’t follow the final instructions as I don’t wear bracelets, and I wasn’t a massive fan of the necklace described. So I joined the carrier beads together and created some loops to add chain to.


I really enjoyed the process and seeing what others where making on instagram and Facebook. It was less beading each day than I anticipated and some really fun techniques. I will definitely consider participating in the Christmas one.

August 2018

I very nearly forgot to do this one. It only just feels like I finished the last post. Its been an interesting month craft wise I’ve simultaneously done lots and made no progress.

One exciting progression is that I now have a craft room. Its been fun setting it up and now I have to make the most of it.

  1. Quilt – no change
  2. Beaded purse – no change
  3. Peyote card case – no change
  4. Beaded handbag – no change
  5. Beaded crochet – no change
  6. Jumper – no change
  7. Epp stars – Row 3/7 is complete and pieces cut and basted for row 4
  8. Beaded ornament made from daisy chains – no change
  9. Beaded chain mail necklace – no change
  10. Dishcloth – 3/4 done
  11. Secret beadalong – I’m participating in the international beading week secret beadalong run by Jean power. I’m not entirely upto date but its been really fun.

Pottery looks like this

  1. Mug – needs glaze firing
  2. Door sign – needs firing
  3. Jewellery box -needs firing
  4. Decorative dish – needs firing
  5. Whale statuette – needs firing
  6. Decorative tile – needs firing

Completions are all pottery based again

  1. Decorative bowl
  2. Decorative bird dish
  3. Elephant statuette
  4. Ring dishes x 2

The last batch of pottery I bought home was really fab. Its amazing how much more accomplished this batch looks. I will how some pictures soon. Looking at the other list I really need to put some time into some projects and finish them off. Lets see what happens in August.

My feature image is from our holiday in Scotland. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and had a fab week there.