Daisy bauble

This bauble began with the thought that it would be cool to cover a bauble in daisies. I had previously made a daisy swatch and used it in my embellished wall hanging. The swatch was made by sewing a daisy and attaching it to the nearest one. This worked for an organic shape but I had no idea how to make it work to cover a bauble.

Then at one of my beading groups, there were some magazines being given away and among the things that caught my eye was a necklace, where a cotton rope had been covered with daisies. For this necklace the daisies had been stitched in a chain and then the chain swirled around the rope and fixed. And there was my method of covering a bauble.

I started beading the daisy chain with a bead mix I had already made up. I still separated out the beads so each daisy is an individual colour. However I was then running low on the mix so I made up another one, and I made much more of the new one than I had of the original – oops.

To ensure I had a mixture of the old bead mix and new mix and not a gradient from one to the other I made a whole load of chains before starting to attach them.


The attaching stage was dull and tricksy. There is a reasonable amount of thread (fireline) showing but you have to look fairly closely for it to be distracting.

It took three rounds of making chains and attaching them. By some magic the last batch of chains exactly fitted the gap I had left. I have no idea how it happened but I am so glad the chains weren’t too long and I didn’t have to cut any off.


I’m really pleased with the effect but I wont be doing another anytime soon.


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