The longest project?

Once upon a time, I was a broke student who wandered into accessorize and fell in love with some beaded purses. Due to the brokeness, I couldn’t buy them but it was when I was doing a lot of sewing, so I decided to make one.

The sewing of the bag happened in a day. Unfortunately that was so long ago, I have no idea if I used a pattern (unlikely) or made it up.

And then I began beading. Again I have no idea if I made the bead mix specially or if I owned it already. The drop beads came from a lady in my meetup group.

The reason I cant remember these details is because I started this bag approximately 4 years ago.


The first fringe was small and made with beads I owned – seedbeads and drops. It took forever. So I made the decision to make the next layers longer. I also bought beads for these layers. The second layer is bugle beads and black and silver pips. The third layer is seed bead, bugels, seed beads and a mix of pips and drops.

The last inch


I did a lot of the beading at the craft meetups I used to attend in London. I also used to take this project back to Chester a lot. I used to keep all the bits inside the bag hence the transportability.


Its a fabulous handbag. Its a fairly spacious bag which I like. I wore it out to a wedding and felt fabulous. It was almost worth waiting for.


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