October 2018

I’m sure I say this a lot, but gosh September went quick. Its starting to feel like winter both weather wise and I’ve been struck with the first cold of the season. I’ve been trying to make a start on some of the longer term projects on my list but I’ve also started a few things so it has grown again.

  1. Quilt – I’ve finished 1 block, half finished one and not started the other
  2. Beaded purse – I have started working on this again and have done a few more bits
  3. Peyote card case – no change but I have decided how much to do
  4. Jumper – no change
  5. Epp stars – I have cut and basted some pieces. I have begun sewing together some of the panels so I can reuse some of the papers as I was starting to feel guilty about the amount of printing I was doing.
  6. Beaded chain mail necklace – no change
  7. Card – holes have been punched but no sewing started
  8. Milanese hat – I started a hat, it will match a scarf I made previously

My finish this month was my beaded daisy bauble. I even wrote it up. After months of no posts you’ve had several this month, I’ll probably be going back to normal schedule of less posts but I do have a couple more things to tell you about.

Pottery on the go is

  1. Pot plant
  2. Plant dish
  3. Diva
  4. Ring dish

Finished pottery

  1. Door sign
  2. Decorative tile
  3. 6 divas

I’m not sure what will happen in October, work is busy but I’m not traveling too much. There’s plenty on the go but I’m itching to start some other stuff so who knows how long the list will be.

The feature image this month comes from Shaldon in Devon. I had a lovely weekend there visiting a friend.