2018 roundup

As I actually wrote down some things I’d like to do this year back in January, I thought it might be worth looking back at what I’ve achieved.

Personally this is what I hoped for:

I’m looking forward to less change

I think that might be true, 2018 was a little more settled than 2017, even if we did move house.

This is what I thought would happen crafting wise:

For 2018, I really want to knit a garment, but my blanket takes precedence. I’m trying to learn brioche knitting. I would also like to get my sewing machine up and running again, but let’s see what happens.

Less of this happened. My blanket did take precedence and was completed. The brioche knitting was abandoned for being too difficult. I did start with brioche in the round so maybe I’ll try it flat first one day. I’ve mostly completed a garment but not quite. The sewing machine was used but only in December so I’m not sure that was achieved.

I also made the following claim:

English paper piecing, resin casting, knitting with beads and bead crochet. I haven’t really taken to the resin casting but all the others I will be carrying on with.

I have carried on with the English paper piecing, in both sampler quilt blocks and snowdrop quilt. The bead crochet, I did complete the second piece and have no intention of ever doing it again. Somethings aren’t for everyone. The bead knitting I didn’t do any of but only as I have knitted other things and I would use beads in my knitting again.

In 2017 I had the following stats:

I finished approximately 21 different projects, learnt 4 new skills and have only carried 5 projects through the year.

In 2018, I have also finished 21 projects. I was actually really surprised by this as it didn’t feel like I’d finished that many things. I’ve tried two new things, pottery and spoon whittling. One I love, the other will be a one off. And of the 10 projects I bought into 2018, only 4 are still ongoing and all have changed since then. I’m expecting to finish at least three of them in 2019.

The 4 still ongoing are:

  1. Sampler quilt
  2. Epp snowdrop quilt
  3. Beaded purse
  4. Beaded card case

I’m not going to list every thing I’ve finished, but some of the highlights of the year are:

All in all, its been a pretty good year and I’m pleased with my progress.

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