February 2018

January has been a fun month. We’ve been traveling and getting some winter sun. This has lead to me feeling much better which is a good start to the year.

    1. Sampler Quilt – no change
    2. Beaded purse – no change
    3. Epp stars – I’ve been basting and started sewing
    4. Beaded chain mail necklace – no change
    5. Cards – no change
    6. Baby knitting – no change, this is my priority this month
    7. Scarf – I’ve learnt continental picking to do some colour work for this scarf

Finishes this month is only my jumper. However its going to need some work as the sizing is a bit off

No pottery finishes this month and on the go is:

  1. Toothbrush pot
  2. Drip trays

My featured image is from our trip away. Its from the wai-o-tapu thermal park, which is a geological area, where the crust is very thin and results in incredible geological features.

January 2019

I’m going to start with my plans for 2019. They are pretty vague. Because of life happenings, I keep saying I will start things in April because I know how busy I am until then.

That said there are three key things I want to do in 2019

  1. Finish the snowdrop epp quilt. I can see the quilt top being done but I will then need to make a conscious effort to do the quilting (or get someone else to do it if that’s the best option)
  2. Keep making pots and maybe make slightly better pots. I have improved lots but would like to keep improving
  3. Go to my beading group regularly. I love going but with everything I have going on, I need to make a conscious effort to keep those days free.

As for things I’d like to do, there are a million and one things, but I’m especially enjoying knitting at the moment, and would like to try some more complex projects. I haven’t done much new beading projects recently so maybe time to pull out some magazines/books and find some inspiration. And as always, I want to use my sewing machine a little more.

Oh and I’m going to keep cracking on at those longer projects, and turn them into finished objects. These are the sampler quilt, beaded purse and beaded card case. The first two are over two years old, they left London with me.

Here are the things I’m taking into the next year. December was not as productive as I’d imagined mostly because I was very ambitious.

    1. Sampler Quilt – no change
    2. Beaded purse – no change
    3. Peyote card case – no change
    4. Jumper – all the pieces are knitted, they just need sewing together
    5. Epp stars – I’ve sewn together all the side panels. The top and bottom are levelled but not the sides. I have also cut out all the pieces for the central plans.
    6. Beaded chain mail necklace – no change
    7. Cards – no change
    8. Baby knitting – some more has been done

Completed projects are:

  1. Herriot hat, this was a fun quick project with some pretty wool from Vienna that goes with the coat and scarf I’m wearing this winter.
  2. Coin purse, my traveling coin purse went missing so I made a new one
  3. Shopping bag. I used my mothers sewing machine while visiting to make a useful thing.
  4. Netted bauble. Its on the tree, so it is technically complete but I’m not so happy with it so it might go back on the list.

Pottery finishes are:

  1. Soap dishes
  2. Nativity
  3. Ornaments

And on the go is:

  1. House dish
  2. Drip tray

Lets see what happens in January and 2019.

The featured image is from llyn elsi, where we had our final day trip of the year.