Baby knitting reveal

I’ve met the baby, and gifted it my baby knitting, so now I can share with you. I’ve been knitting a bunny.

Knitting the bunny took slightly longer than I expected, mostly because I had to properly concentrate on the pattern as I went along.

I also taught myself crochet, for the hat. Im not entirely sure it is correct, I really struggled with counting as I went round.

Here are some in progress pictures

It really took until I did the nose for it to stop looking like an alien.

It was a good pattern and one I’ll probably do again when required.



April 2019

I was feeling a bit blase about what I’d done in march, but actually having written things down I’ve done a reasonable amount.

  1. Sampler quilt – I bought some more fabric, and then planned some more blocks, and cut out some pieces
  2. Snowdrop Epp – one more large panel has been made and I’ve cracked on with the next one
  3. Beaded purse – I put in a few hours on this
  4. Beaded card case – no change
  5. Colourwork scarf – still growing
  6. Cards – no change
  7. Chainmaille necklace – I made four more links

My finishes this month are:

  1. two necklaces, with some stones I bought in New Zealand.
  2. Baby knitting – I didn’t get it done before the baby arrived but I don’t think they’ll mind. I’m hoping to write a whole blog post about it so lets see.

Pottery is still going slowly. I bought home my house dish, have started painting my candlesticks and made a pot that I am very excited about but because it is very fragile, uncertain it will be in one piece when I go back.

I’m still hoping to get one or two things finished, and free up some space physically and mentally to start something new.

My feature image is from a nature reserve from the east coast (can you tell I don’t really know where)