June 2019

I spent this month sewing stars. It hadn’t felt particularly busy but also didn’t seem like I’d done very much until I had my week off. And then I managed to tick a few more things off.

  1. Sampler quilt – no change
  2. Epp quilt – I’ve sewn the last complete star and I’ve completed all the panels. I even ironed them. Now I just have to do the edging and sew the panels together.
  3. Chainmaille necklace – no change
  4. Cards – no change
  5. Hand quilting – ages ago I completed some Hawaiian quilting, and now it is all layered up ready to have a go at some handquilting.

My finishes this month are:

  1. A dishcloth – I have a little collection growing
  2. A collection of beaded flowers – these were used for a celebration card
  3. A necklace – made at a friend’s hen do, this is a pretty grey and yellow flower necklace
  4. Some cards – its June so I needed some masculine birthday cards and as I had everything out to do the celebration card, I carried on.
  5. My beaded card case. As with the purse it needs some sewing doing but I’m calling it finished for now.

Pottery has been a mixed bag. My waterlily was too fragile and didn’t make it. My present is ongoing and I have two pots to glaze. I need to have a think about what to do next.

I have a busy June coming up so not sure what will happen this month.

My feature image is from a visit down to the seaside.