July 2019

June was almost too busy to be fun. However my time was taken up celebrating some lovely events with some fabulous people (in some pretty great locations), so I’m very grateful for those lovely moments.

  1. Sampler quilt – I completed the epp panel I had prepared and have started the two machine blocks. However I struggled to work out how to square some of the pieces so I’ve bought another ruler and will finish then when it arrives.
  2. Snowdrop quilt – no change
  3. Chainmaille necklace – no change
  4. Cards – no change
  5. Handquilting – I did one session of handquilting
  6. Embroidery – I needed some portable crafting so I cracked open a kit I bought last year
  7. Another dishcloth
  8. Jean powers secret beadalong – I completed all the preparation work so now I have to wait until international beading week
  9. A beaded necklace with carrier beads. I started this with my beading group.
  10. Some wooden jewellery boxes. I bought the boxes but I’ve been painting them and plan to make them into earring caddies.

Finishes in June were pretty much non existent but you can’t blame me too much, I spent very little time at home. I’ve also finished a lot of things off recently so it was time to start some new things.

The only thing I have finished is a beaded pendant I made during my beading group

Pottery has also been limited this month. I bought home some planters and I has a session of playing around. On the go is

  1. Soap dish
  2. Present
  3. Vase
  4. Decorative item

My feature image this month is from the gardens of Ashridge House, where I spent a very lovely weekend.