2019 round up

So back at the beginning of the year, I had three things I wanted to do in 2019:
  1. Finish the snowdrop epp quilt. I can see the quilt top being done but I will then need to make a conscious effort to do the quilting (or get someone else to do it if that’s the best option)

  2. Keep making pots and maybe make slightly better pots. I have improved lots but would like to keep improving

  3. Go to my beading group regularly. I love going but with everything I have going on, I need to make a conscious effort to keep those days free.

What actually happened was:
  1. The top was finished and all the stuff is bought to make the quilt. I’ve decided to hand quilt it so it will take awhile

  2. I think my pots have got better. I’ve definitely tried several new techniques this year
  3. I went pretty regularly for the first 6 months but I’ve not made it for a while.
So pretty mixed as always.
I also said some other things:
  1. More complex knitting. I think I wrote this before starting my colour work scarf but other than that all I’ve knitted is dishcloths
  2. Beading – I finished a lot of projects, took part in the summer beadalong and made my peacock bauble.

  3. Use my sewing machine more. I made a couple of quilt blocks but I wouldn’t say I used my machine more
  4. Finish these long term projects: sampler quilt – some more blocks made, beaded purse- beading is done and beaded card case – beading is done. I guess really need to get my machine out in 2020 and properly finish these items.

    Overall I think I made 29 things in 2019, which is quite impressive. Five were dishcloths, 5 more were gifts, 4 sets of cards and a lot of necklaces this year.

    Looking back I’m quite impressed with myself, especially as I was so focused on the quilt that it didn’t feel like I’d made anything else this year.

    So know I have to think about what to do next year.

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