Snowdrop quilt

This project started with a fat quarter of fabric that I picked up as impulse purchase in abakahan. Snowdrops are my flower and I really loved the more graphic style of the fabric.

I’d just finished a bit of EPP (hexagons) and decided that I loved it, so I was looking for a new project.
I originally started with making just stars. I cut out all the papers, and made my own template so that I could fussy cut out the individual snowdrops.
All the first batch of stars were ‘perfect’ stars in that all the diamonds matched. But I pretty quickly started doing half and half stars, to make the most of the fabric.
I made about 20 stars before deciding what I was actually going to do with them. What I decided was that my second hand stitching project was going to be a full sized quilt, with stars and hexagons. I’m now really glad I used the hexagons as well as the stars, as they provide a needed resting space for your eyes.
I chose the cream and gold dotty fabric for the hexagons, and the resulting quilt had a graphic feel that is different but reminiscent of the original snowdrop fabric.

I built the quilt by making half stars with hexagons, then joining two to make a star with its two hexagons. I then sewed four or five star pieces together to make the small panels. Big panels were made of two or three small panels. Three big panels made up a row, and finally I joined up the three rows.
I reused a lot of the papers, by taking them out as I built the panel and not all of them made it out of the quilt intact but I still ended up with so many papers to use in the future. (I have still to fully tidy up all the pieces)
The quilt top is currently 57” X 95”. It’s really big, especially length wise. I wanted to make a quilt for a single bed and looked up the size.
I did a little bit of quilt maths and I reckon over the two years, I have spent ~150 hrs on the handsewing for the quilt. That doesn’t include the cutting papers, fussy cutting or basting the shapes. So in total it’s likely to be at least double that number.
I took a short break from the project over Christmas, but in the new year I will tackle the quilting.

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