February 2020

January has gone in fits and bursts. At some points it was dragging along and now it is suddenly all gone. Crafting wise has been mixed, I’ve been under the weather for a couple of the weeks which always takes it toll.

So the list is not very exciting

  1. Sampler quilt – no change.
  2. Snowdrop quilt – I made binding but still need to prep the backing and layer the quilt
  3. Handquilting – I just need a final round of stutches
  4. Rag rug – this one was grown
  5. Banner panel – half the tacking stitches have been done
  6. Beaded bauble – no change
  7. Cross-stitch butterfly – I remembered this project recently, but nothing has changed this month
  8. Jumper – I’ve started swatching for a jumper

I finished the hat and gifted it to it’s recipient. It’s been worn a fair few times this month already. I also finally finished two heat packs. I’ve had these cut out for years and had begun sewing them up but not finished for a while. Both have also been gifted.

I’ve not made it to pottery this month for a variety of reasons so I still don’t really know where I am with all my bits and pieces.

My feature image was taken by mother. It’s of my helibore, which she looks after for me while I don’t have any outdoor space.

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