April 2020

When I said I was unsure what march would bring, this isn’t what I was thinking about. This month has been spent waiting to see what would happen with the coronavirus in the UK and then waiting to see how bad it’s going to get. I’ve been working at home for three works now, two of those under the lockdown.

Although I’m still working and have been trying to do my daily exercise outside, I do have a few more hours to do things. So there are a few changes to the list. I’m trying to focus on finishing things, so I don’t get carried away with starting things. I’m also trying to work through some of my patterns and kits. I am finding that I’m drawn to the easy/familiar things rather than anything more complex or requiring the following of a pattern or new. That’s okay, I’m going easy on myself for the moment.

So here goes:

  1. Snowdrop quilt – the handquilting is going on. It’s going slightly quicker than expected
  2. Learning quilt – no change
  3. Banner panel – the embroidery is on going
  4. Butterfly cross stitch – I’ve done a bit more
  5. Swan ornament – no change
  6. Beaded bauble – no change
  7. Beaded bangle – I’m halfway through my third bangle of three
  8. Embroidery patch of seeds – no change
  9. Jumper – I’ve done a little more, but I’m finding it hard to focus on this one

There are a few finishes this month:

  1. A cushion, I turned my Hawaiian applique, handquilted panel into a cushion
  2. Beaded bauble. I embellished the orange bauble
  3. A paper hare that I started at my art club
  4. A beaded purse, from a beaded panel I finished last year
  5. A clay ornament I made last year and finally put together

I haven’t been to pottery for ages, first for personal reasons and then the lockdown. However I took advantage of the pick up service that is now being offered, and have a mini pottery studio set up in the garage for me to play with.

My featured image is from the park I take my daily walk now.

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