May 2020

So I’ve been starting projects. They’ve been capturing my attention for a week or so and then I start something new. Looks like I will be completing lockdown projects for years to come.

The UK is still in lockdown, I think this is week 6. It feels like the whole world has slowed down now, which is a slight relief after the intensity of the news for the first three weeks. I’m pretty sure plenty of things are happening but its hard to pay attention to everything.

My list is a bit bigger than last month:

  1. Snowdrop quilt – The handquilting is ongoing
  2. Learning quilt – I made two more blocks and then pieced the top. I’m planning to add borders to the top before layering it
  3. Butterfly cross stitch – No change
  4. Beaded bauble – No change
  5. Embroidery patch of seeds – No change
  6. Jumper – No change
  7. Sweater Scarf – A new knitting project. This is nice straightforward rib then stockingnet so more appropriate for the current climate
  8. A beaded bottle – I have been on a mission to use up kitchen items and that lead to a pretty botttle being emptied. I’m also on a longer term mission to use up the cheaper seed beads I’ve bought over the years. So I’m making another beaded bottle.

Finishes this month are:

  1. The hexagon banner panel
  2. The swan ornament

I made a pot with my pottery takeaway kit but I haven’t made anything since.

My featured image is the learning curve quilt sans borders.

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