June 2020

And another month has passed. We’ve still been in lockdown but the restrictions are being relaxed. While its nice to be able to see other people at a distance, it feels both too soon to relax the lockdown and been ages that this has been going on.

The weather has warmed up so I’ve spent a bit more time outside, so slighlty less crafting going on.

  1. Snowdrop quilt – The handquilting is ongoing
  2. Learning quilt – I put the borders on the quilt top, and have pieced 50% of a back
  3. Butterfly cross stitch – No change
  4. Beaded bauble – No change
  5. Jumper – No change
  6. Sweater Scarf – Getting on with this one, I’m on the scarf portion.

My finishes this week are:

  1. Seed embroidery. I’ve popped this away but it will probably turn into a card at some point
  2. Beaded bottle. This was a quick turnaround. It looks pretty fabulous, if I say so myself
  3. Birthday cards – I whipped up a couple of cards, which are now on their way to the intended


Despite the lack of things to do, I’m finding it hard to predict what will hold my attention in these wierd times. The photo this week is from a walk, I went on, with a friend. I’d never seen an orange budleia before, but it was a fabulous colour and shape.