After finishing my degree, I finally have weekends and evenings back to do things with, and I’ve rediscovered all my old hobbies. Being able to pick up a needle (or two) and make things makes me realise how much I’ve missed crafting. Now that I have the time (and space) to practice and learn new skills means that I seem to have at least 3 seperate projects using different crafts on the go at once. As I make more and more things, I’ve taken to giving and gifting them away. I’ve decided it’s time to take a little pride in the things I make. Hopefully having a reason to take a picture and talk about them, means that I’ll appreciate them a little before they head off to other homes.

I’ve lived in london for 6 years and can’t imagine being anywhere else. During the day I am trying to do phD in chemistry. So even then I’m busy making things.

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