December 2018

November has been tough. The cold weather and some winter bugs have left me knackered and a little unmotivated. I’m struggling a bit to do things in the evenings but I did have a long weekend away so I got a fair bit done that weekend.

    1. Quilt – the two panels I had prepped are now complete
    2. Beaded purse – no change
    3. Peyote card case – no change
    4. Jumper – I’ve started the second body panel
    5. Epp stars – I’ve sewn together all the stars I’ve cut so far and started sewing together panels. I’m going to focus on sewing together what I have already over Christmas.
    6. Beaded chain mail necklace – no change
    7. Cards – no change
    8. Netted bauble – the netting is complete. I’m planning on some embellishment before it is finished.
    9. Baby knitting – some more has been done

Finishes this month are:

  1. Hexie quilt block
  2. Needleturn applique block

Pottery on the go is:

  1. Soap dishes
  2. Nativity pieces
  3. Christmas ornaments

Pottery finishes are:

  1. Two plant pots
  2. Drip tray
  3. Ornament

I have many plans for over the Christmas period but I also know I need to rest so lets see what actually happens.

My feature image is from the long weekend I had away, where we visited my partners parents new house in France.


Spoon whittling

Me and my partner had been talking about making things and how he wanted to get involved occasionally. So when I saw that the Wiltshire wildlife trust ran courses on spoon whittling, we signed up.

It was a day course, out on one of their reserves and fortunately we had pretty good weather that day.

The teacher was fab, really helpful and inclusive but this is never going to be something I take up. My partner enjoyed it far more than I did though.

We started with cutting down a branch of a hazel tree, cutting a section off, splitting and drawing a spoon. I was very unadventerous with my spoon.

You then use an axe to take off larger bits of wood and then a knife. Aces are really heavy and wood is hard – who knew. Basically my arms and hands where hurting pretty quickly.

I did however finish my spoon on the day and am pretty pleased with it. It was an enjoyable day out and we cam home with two lovely spoons

These are all the spoons made that day. My spoon is the tiny one and my partners is the one with the hook.

November 2018

It has gotten cold, really quickly here. Its been an hard month, so my crafting has been unfocused. However I did have a fabulous day out at a craft show with a friend so I have some new kits to try out over the coming months. I’ve also started some Christmas cards and am about halfway through what I need.

Heres my list (its grown again)

  1. Quilt – no change
  2. Beaded purse – no change
  3. Peyote card case – no change
  4. Jumper – one body panel is complete
  5. Epp stars – I’ve sewn another row into panels and started making more star
  6. Beaded chain mail necklace – no change
  7. Cards – no change
  8. Netted bauble – halfway complete
  9. Baby knitting – I can’t say too much but it has started

Finishes this month are:

  1. Milanese hat – its delightful and has been worn quite a bit
  2. A beaded bauble – I had a really productive beading group this month

Pottery on the go is

  1. Plant pot
  2. Plant pot
  3. Flat dish
  4. Bauble


  1. Jewellery box
  2. Diva
  3. Two parts of a nativity set

I’m super busy in November with a lot of traveling so I have no idea what I’ll get done. I’m hoping to do a little Christmas beading and as long as I get cards done this month all will be well.

My feature image is of all the spoons whittled on my day of spoon whittling. Mine is the tiny one.

October 2018

I’m sure I say this a lot, but gosh September went quick. Its starting to feel like winter both weather wise and I’ve been struck with the first cold of the season. I’ve been trying to make a start on some of the longer term projects on my list but I’ve also started a few things so it has grown again.

  1. Quilt – I’ve finished 1 block, half finished one and not started the other
  2. Beaded purse – I have started working on this again and have done a few more bits
  3. Peyote card case – no change but I have decided how much to do
  4. Jumper – no change
  5. Epp stars – I have cut and basted some pieces. I have begun sewing together some of the panels so I can reuse some of the papers as I was starting to feel guilty about the amount of printing I was doing.
  6. Beaded chain mail necklace – no change
  7. Card – holes have been punched but no sewing started
  8. Milanese hat – I started a hat, it will match a scarf I made previously

My finish this month was my beaded daisy bauble. I even wrote it up. After months of no posts you’ve had several this month, I’ll probably be going back to normal schedule of less posts but I do have a couple more things to tell you about.

Pottery on the go is

  1. Pot plant
  2. Plant dish
  3. Diva
  4. Ring dish

Finished pottery

  1. Door sign
  2. Decorative tile
  3. 6 divas

I’m not sure what will happen in October, work is busy but I’m not traveling too much. There’s plenty on the go but I’m itching to start some other stuff so who knows how long the list will be.

The feature image this month comes from Shaldon in Devon. I had a lovely weekend there visiting a friend.


This is going to be a picture post of my recent pottery finishes.

I made a mug. Its beautiful but unfortunately not waterproof. When I first got it home I washed it and the based wasn’t fully sealed so water seeped in and cracked the glaze. I’ve since sealed the base but liquid can still seep through the glaze. I’m not yet sure what I will do with it.

I have made a variety of small dishes and statuettes. These were done over a few months and the petal bowl is one of my favourite pieces.

These were tiled pieces. I was really trying to make smooth pieces with good edges. In general this worked well, although the painting of the door sign wasn’t what I wanted.

Divali is in November and I wanted to make some divas in time. I’m pretty pleased with these especially the bigger two.

The longest project?

Once upon a time, I was a broke student who wandered into accessorize and fell in love with some beaded purses. Due to the brokeness, I couldn’t buy them but it was when I was doing a lot of sewing, so I decided to make one.

The sewing of the bag happened in a day. Unfortunately that was so long ago, I have no idea if I used a pattern (unlikely) or made it up.

And then I began beading. Again I have no idea if I made the bead mix specially or if I owned it already. The drop beads came from a lady in my meetup group.

The reason I cant remember these details is because I started this bag approximately 4 years ago.


The first fringe was small and made with beads I owned – seedbeads and drops. It took forever. So I made the decision to make the next layers longer. I also bought beads for these layers. The second layer is bugle beads and black and silver pips. The third layer is seed bead, bugels, seed beads and a mix of pips and drops.

The last inch


I did a lot of the beading at the craft meetups I used to attend in London. I also used to take this project back to Chester a lot. I used to keep all the bits inside the bag hence the transportability.


Its a fabulous handbag. Its a fairly spacious bag which I like. I wore it out to a wedding and felt fabulous. It was almost worth waiting for.


Daisy bauble

This bauble began with the thought that it would be cool to cover a bauble in daisies. I had previously made a daisy swatch and used it in my embellished wall hanging. The swatch was made by sewing a daisy and attaching it to the nearest one. This worked for an organic shape but I had no idea how to make it work to cover a bauble.

Then at one of my beading groups, there were some magazines being given away and among the things that caught my eye was a necklace, where a cotton rope had been covered with daisies. For this necklace the daisies had been stitched in a chain and then the chain swirled around the rope and fixed. And there was my method of covering a bauble.

I started beading the daisy chain with a bead mix I had already made up. I still separated out the beads so each daisy is an individual colour. However I was then running low on the mix so I made up another one, and I made much more of the new one than I had of the original – oops.

To ensure I had a mixture of the old bead mix and new mix and not a gradient from one to the other I made a whole load of chains before starting to attach them.


The attaching stage was dull and tricksy. There is a reasonable amount of thread (fireline) showing but you have to look fairly closely for it to be distracting.

It took three rounds of making chains and attaching them. By some magic the last batch of chains exactly fitted the gap I had left. I have no idea how it happened but I am so glad the chains weren’t too long and I didn’t have to cut any off.


I’m really pleased with the effect but I wont be doing another anytime soon.