January 2020

It’s the start of the new year and a new decade.

These are the projects I’m bringing with me:

  1. Sampler quilt – a few more blocks are needed to finish the top
  2. Snowdrop quilt – ready to be quilted
  3. Handquilting – it’s growing
  4. Rag rug – Its still growing
  5. Banner panel – this is part of an art club project to make a banner for the local climate action group
  6. Beaded bauble – this one will be super sparkly when it’s done
  7. Hat – it’s been promised for a year and finally nearly done

My only finish in December was the peacock bauble. It’s been a fabulous project and I’ll definitely do another spellbound beads kit.

I’m a little out of sync with my pottery so I’ll just update you next month.

I’m really struggling to make plans for the next year. It would be good to finish the quilt (both quilts?) this year. I’d also like to tackle some of the kits I’ve collected over the years and maybe find/organise some of the patterns I’ve bought in a way that makes them easier to use. Oh and as always, I should use my sewing machine a bit more.

Let’s see what happens.

2019 round up

So back at the beginning of the year, I had three things I wanted to do in 2019:
  1. Finish the snowdrop epp quilt. I can see the quilt top being done but I will then need to make a conscious effort to do the quilting (or get someone else to do it if that’s the best option)

  2. Keep making pots and maybe make slightly better pots. I have improved lots but would like to keep improving

  3. Go to my beading group regularly. I love going but with everything I have going on, I need to make a conscious effort to keep those days free.

What actually happened was:
  1. The top was finished and all the stuff is bought to make the quilt. I’ve decided to hand quilt it so it will take awhile

  2. I think my pots have got better. I’ve definitely tried several new techniques this year
  3. I went pretty regularly for the first 6 months but I’ve not made it for a while.
So pretty mixed as always.
I also said some other things:
  1. More complex knitting. I think I wrote this before starting my colour work scarf but other than that all I’ve knitted is dishcloths
  2. Beading – I finished a lot of projects, took part in the summer beadalong and made my peacock bauble.

  3. Use my sewing machine more. I made a couple of quilt blocks but I wouldn’t say I used my machine more
  4. Finish these long term projects: sampler quilt – some more blocks made, beaded purse- beading is done and beaded card case – beading is done. I guess really need to get my machine out in 2020 and properly finish these items.

    Overall I think I made 29 things in 2019, which is quite impressive. Five were dishcloths, 5 more were gifts, 4 sets of cards and a lot of necklaces this year.

    Looking back I’m quite impressed with myself, especially as I was so focused on the quilt that it didn’t feel like I’d made anything else this year.

    So know I have to think about what to do next year.

Pottery update

I’ve still been going to pottery, even if I haven’t been taking pictures. I’ve actually been going much more regularly this year and so tried a few different techniques and ways of doing things.
I have obviously been doing some more slab building. Mostly I made planters.

And then I made small decorative items. Mostly I wanted to practice things and invent new shapes.

Obviously I didn’t make all of these things

And then I tried to make tapered vases. This has been tricky. I’ve focused on small vases while I practice. The shape is basically impossible to do while slab building, so I’ve used pinching and coiling. Pinching did not give me the results I had hoped for, I couldn’t get it smooth enough.

And then I tried coiling, and it works. I’m in need of some practice but I’m starting to get the shapes I want.

In general, I really love going to pottery, for the freedom it gives me in being creative, all the ideas and inspiration I get from being around other people and seeing their work.

December 2019

I’ve been properly feeling the Christmas spirit this year. I got a very big project finished and have since then been playing around with some smaller bits and pieces. It’s been quite fun and I’m feeling quite positive about the year as a whole.

  1. Sample quilt – no change
  2. Snowdrop quilt – it’s a top. I have finished all the handquilting and ironed the top. I will do the quilting after Christmas.
  3. Chainmaille necklace – I made one link
  4. Handquilting – I did some more
  5. Rag rug – Its still growing
  6. Banner panel – this is part of an art club project to make a banner for the local climate action group
  7. Beaded peacock ornament – this was another craft fair kit, this one from spell bound beads

If you’ve been paying attention that’s a shorter list than last time and I have some things that never even made it on the list

  1. Embroidery, it’s framed and everything
  2. Dishcloth
  3. Beaded star and 3 more in different colours and sizes
  4. Christmas ornaments – these are being gifted hence the vagueness
  5. The boxes have been turned into useful objects
  6. Christmas cards, they are all ready to go
  7. Some jewelry – again these are to be gifted
  8. A Christmas wreath, I went on a lovely course with some friends and brought home a very pretty wreath.

I have no solid plans for the rest of the year. I’ll keep beading and hopefully start some interesting knitting over the holiday period.

Pottery has been busy, I bought home my vases and soap dishes and have been working on Christmas ornaments and plant pots.

My feature image is of my wreath

November 19

Guys, I wrote a blog post. I’m trying to out a few more together to document some of the things I’ve done this year before it ends. It’s been a reasonably productive month, and I’ve got caught up in a few new projects. Oh and I made a tiny foray into the Christmas things.

  1. Sample quilt – no change
  2. Snowdrop quilt – two rows have been joined together, one more to go
  3. Embroidery – a tiny bit has been added
  4. Chainmaille necklace – no change
  5. Handquilting – no change
  6. Boxes – I added a coat of gloss to one side of one box. It still counts as having done something
  7. Dishcloth – it’s grown
  8. Rag rug – this is one of the kits I bought at the craft fair. I’m a little bit hooked and am about a third of the way through
  9. Christmas cards – 6 more to go
  10. Banner panel – this is part of an art club project to make a banner for the local climate action group
  11. Beaded star

Finishes this month have been the embroidery cards that have been on the list for months.

Pottery has been less productive as I’ve been away a bit but I’m currently working on:

  1. Some coiled vases
  2. Some soap dishes
  3. A present

I’ve recently bought home several tiny pots, that were the results of my experimenting. Some are better than others and they may not all remain in my house for very long.

My plans for next month are to finish the snowdrop quilt and make some Christmas ornaments. Let’s see what happens.

The feature image this month is from our Diwali celebration.

Summer 2019 Secret Beadalong

I’m going to try and blog a little more, even if they are only short posts. I started this to commemorate the things I’ve made and while I now at least take pictures of everything I think I need to keep that going in other ways too.
So I took part in Jean Power’s secret beadalong again this summer. Again I bought a kit from stitchncraft but I subbed out a few components. Specifically one rivoli (copper for pastel pink) and the 2mm firepolish beads (silver for burgandy). I was trying to make the pink kit I’d bought, a bit less pink.

Selecting colours

I pretty much kept to schedule by using two techniques: I was working a day ahead amd I skipped making the rope. I really disliked making that rope, I couldn’t get the tension so my thread was visible and it was really slow.

I adapted the final pattern to make one bigger, gliztier pendant instead of two and just popped it on a chain. Its a very wearable piece despite the size, and I mostly wear the pink/copper side.

October 2019

This month has been focused on my snowdrop quilt. Its actually been a bit quieter than the summer months, but actually I’ve been feeling like hunkering down and snuggling up, so have really noticed when I’ve had to go somewhere.

Although I’ve been mostly only sewing, I also did a couple of other things which makes me realise how much I miss variety. So here’s to doing some other stuff this month. I’m actually starting to think about Christmas so you probably will see the list grow. I also went to a craft show and bought several kits, which will probably show up soon.

  1. Sampler Quilt – no change
  2. Snowdrop quilt – all three rows are complete. Now I have to join the rows
  3. Chainmaille necklace – no change
  4. Cards – no change
  5. Handquilting – no change
  6. Embroidery – no change
  7. Boxes – no change
  8. Dishcloth – this is one using recycled cotton

My finishes this month are

  1. A dishcloth
  2. Another dishcloth
  3. Some cards – I used some of my glitter stencils
  4. Some repairs to Jewellery – I took some old jewellery apart for components and also got round to fixing a few pieces.

Pottery has been less productive recently. I’ve missed a couple of weeks this month which slows things down.

My feature image is from Wales again as I haven’t taken many pictures this month.