June 2020

And another month has passed. We’ve still been in lockdown but the restrictions are being relaxed. While its nice to be able to see other people at a distance, it feels both too soon to relax the lockdown and been ages that this has been going on.

The weather has warmed up so I’ve spent a bit more time outside, so slighlty less crafting going on.

  1. Snowdrop quilt – The handquilting is ongoing
  2. Learning quilt – I put the borders on the quilt top, and have pieced 50% of a back
  3. Butterfly cross stitch – No change
  4. Beaded bauble – No change
  5. Jumper – No change
  6. Sweater Scarf – Getting on with this one, I’m on the scarf portion.

My finishes this week are:

  1. Seed embroidery. I’ve popped this away but it will probably turn into a card at some point
  2. Beaded bottle. This was a quick turnaround. It looks pretty fabulous, if I say so myself
  3. Birthday cards – I whipped up a couple of cards, which are now on their way to the intended


Despite the lack of things to do, I’m finding it hard to predict what will hold my attention in these wierd times. The photo this week is from a walk, I went on, with a friend. I’d never seen an orange budleia before, but it was a fabulous colour and shape.

May 2020

So I’ve been starting projects. They’ve been capturing my attention for a week or so and then I start something new. Looks like I will be completing lockdown projects for years to come.

The UK is still in lockdown, I think this is week 6. It feels like the whole world has slowed down now, which is a slight relief after the intensity of the news for the first three weeks. I’m pretty sure plenty of things are happening but its hard to pay attention to everything.

My list is a bit bigger than last month:

  1. Snowdrop quilt – The handquilting is ongoing
  2. Learning quilt – I made two more blocks and then pieced the top. I’m planning to add borders to the top before layering it
  3. Butterfly cross stitch – No change
  4. Beaded bauble – No change
  5. Embroidery patch of seeds – No change
  6. Jumper – No change
  7. Sweater Scarf – A new knitting project. This is nice straightforward rib then stockingnet so more appropriate for the current climate
  8. A beaded bottle – I have been on a mission to use up kitchen items and that lead to a pretty botttle being emptied. I’m also on a longer term mission to use up the cheaper seed beads I’ve bought over the years. So I’m making another beaded bottle.

Finishes this month are:

  1. The hexagon banner panel
  2. The swan ornament

I made a pot with my pottery takeaway kit but I haven’t made anything since.

My featured image is the learning curve quilt sans borders.

April 2020

When I said I was unsure what march would bring, this isn’t what I was thinking about. This month has been spent waiting to see what would happen with the coronavirus in the UK and then waiting to see how bad it’s going to get. I’ve been working at home for three works now, two of those under the lockdown.

Although I’m still working and have been trying to do my daily exercise outside, I do have a few more hours to do things. So there are a few changes to the list. I’m trying to focus on finishing things, so I don’t get carried away with starting things. I’m also trying to work through some of my patterns and kits. I am finding that I’m drawn to the easy/familiar things rather than anything more complex or requiring the following of a pattern or new. That’s okay, I’m going easy on myself for the moment.

So here goes:

  1. Snowdrop quilt – the handquilting is going on. It’s going slightly quicker than expected
  2. Learning quilt – no change
  3. Banner panel – the embroidery is on going
  4. Butterfly cross stitch – I’ve done a bit more
  5. Swan ornament – no change
  6. Beaded bauble – no change
  7. Beaded bangle – I’m halfway through my third bangle of three
  8. Embroidery patch of seeds – no change
  9. Jumper – I’ve done a little more, but I’m finding it hard to focus on this one

There are a few finishes this month:

  1. A cushion, I turned my Hawaiian applique, handquilted panel into a cushion
  2. Beaded bauble. I embellished the orange bauble
  3. A paper hare that I started at my art club
  4. A beaded purse, from a beaded panel I finished last year
  5. A clay ornament I made last year and finally put together

I haven’t been to pottery for ages, first for personal reasons and then the lockdown. However I took advantage of the pick up service that is now being offered, and have a mini pottery studio set up in the garage for me to play with.

My featured image is from the park I take my daily walk now.

March 2020

February was an interesting month. It’s felt incredibly wintery but it’s also a month of celebrations so I’ve been kept busy.

  1. Snowdrop quilt – I made the back, layered the quilt and started the handquilting. Let see how long it takes
  2. Learning curve quilt – no change
  3. Handquilting – the handquilting is done, and its ready to be turned into a cushion
  4. Banner panel – I’ve attached the light switch and begun embroidering the background
  5. Beaded bauble – no change
  6. Cross stitch butterfly – no change
  7. Jumper – it has been started. Fingers crossed it goes well
  8. Beaded purse – I’m turning a beaded panel into a tiny purse
  9. Swan ornament – this was from a kit, I bought on a day trip to the Cotswolds. Unfortunately the instructions are not as detailed as expected.
  10. Rag rug mirror frame. This was started at my art club. I’m not entirely sure it will be finished but for now I’m still deciding.

I finished my rag rug (and blogged about it). I also finished a beaded pendant, I started at my beading group. But apparently mostly I’ve started projects.

I went to pottery (once) and bought home a few bits and pieces:

  • An ornament. It needs the two halves to be joined together
  • Some more pieces for my nativity set
  • A small pot

I’m not sure what the next month will be like so we will just have to wait and see

My featured image is from my day out in the Cotswolds.

February 2020

January has gone in fits and bursts. At some points it was dragging along and now it is suddenly all gone. Crafting wise has been mixed, I’ve been under the weather for a couple of the weeks which always takes it toll.

So the list is not very exciting

  1. Sampler quilt – no change.
  2. Snowdrop quilt – I made binding but still need to prep the backing and layer the quilt
  3. Handquilting – I just need a final round of stutches
  4. Rag rug – this one was grown
  5. Banner panel – half the tacking stitches have been done
  6. Beaded bauble – no change
  7. Cross-stitch butterfly – I remembered this project recently, but nothing has changed this month
  8. Jumper – I’ve started swatching for a jumper

I finished the hat and gifted it to it’s recipient. It’s been worn a fair few times this month already. I also finally finished two heat packs. I’ve had these cut out for years and had begun sewing them up but not finished for a while. Both have also been gifted.

I’ve not made it to pottery this month for a variety of reasons so I still don’t really know where I am with all my bits and pieces.

My feature image was taken by mother. It’s of my helibore, which she looks after for me while I don’t have any outdoor space.

December 2019

I’ve been properly feeling the Christmas spirit this year. I got a very big project finished and have since then been playing around with some smaller bits and pieces. It’s been quite fun and I’m feeling quite positive about the year as a whole.

  1. Sample quilt – no change
  2. Snowdrop quilt – it’s a top. I have finished all the handquilting and ironed the top. I will do the quilting after Christmas.
  3. Chainmaille necklace – I made one link
  4. Handquilting – I did some more
  5. Rag rug – Its still growing
  6. Banner panel – this is part of an art club project to make a banner for the local climate action group
  7. Beaded peacock ornament – this was another craft fair kit, this one from spell bound beads

If you’ve been paying attention that’s a shorter list than last time and I have some things that never even made it on the list

  1. Embroidery, it’s framed and everything
  2. Dishcloth
  3. Beaded star and 3 more in different colours and sizes
  4. Christmas ornaments – these are being gifted hence the vagueness
  5. The boxes have been turned into useful objects
  6. Christmas cards, they are all ready to go
  7. Some jewelry – again these are to be gifted
  8. A Christmas wreath, I went on a lovely course with some friends and brought home a very pretty wreath.

I have no solid plans for the rest of the year. I’ll keep beading and hopefully start some interesting knitting over the holiday period.

Pottery has been busy, I bought home my vases and soap dishes and have been working on Christmas ornaments and plant pots.

My feature image is of my wreath

November 19

Guys, I wrote a blog post. I’m trying to out a few more together to document some of the things I’ve done this year before it ends. It’s been a reasonably productive month, and I’ve got caught up in a few new projects. Oh and I made a tiny foray into the Christmas things.

  1. Sample quilt – no change
  2. Snowdrop quilt – two rows have been joined together, one more to go
  3. Embroidery – a tiny bit has been added
  4. Chainmaille necklace – no change
  5. Handquilting – no change
  6. Boxes – I added a coat of gloss to one side of one box. It still counts as having done something
  7. Dishcloth – it’s grown
  8. Rag rug – this is one of the kits I bought at the craft fair. I’m a little bit hooked and am about a third of the way through
  9. Christmas cards – 6 more to go
  10. Banner panel – this is part of an art club project to make a banner for the local climate action group
  11. Beaded star

Finishes this month have been the embroidery cards that have been on the list for months.

Pottery has been less productive as I’ve been away a bit but I’m currently working on:

  1. Some coiled vases
  2. Some soap dishes
  3. A present

I’ve recently bought home several tiny pots, that were the results of my experimenting. Some are better than others and they may not all remain in my house for very long.

My plans for next month are to finish the snowdrop quilt and make some Christmas ornaments. Let’s see what happens.

The feature image this month is from our Diwali celebration.